It Takes a Village: Training farmers. Feeding families. Growing together.  image

It Takes a Village: Training farmers. Feeding families. Growing together.



Sustainable Harvests, Endless Horizons: The Future of Food Begins Here

We are inspired. For 15 seasons we have grown a village of eaters, thinkers, doers …have put in the sweat equity to build soil health and grow food for our community and the return is a vibrant thriving organization that has had an immensely positive effect on our community. You’ve known the gritty and exciting path that has taken the two of us from hand-planting crops on an acre to a bustling vertically integrated farm and market on 33 acres. We have meticulously planned, tested, executed, and grown food, farmers, and programs. What an adventure! The long hours, complexity of building systems and teams, and the great responsibility of teaching apprentices (who we hope will carry on to start their own farms) has proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

Amber Waves Fun Facts for 2023
  • Trained four farmers in our Apprenticeship Program
  • Grew hundreds of thousands of pounds of food for our CSA members and community
  • Welcomed more than 60,000 visitors onto the farm
  • Taught more than 10,000 children in our outdoor classroom
  • Donated tens of thousands of pounds of food to local food pantries
Your belief and support over the years has grown Amber Waves into a food and agriculture institution for learning, experience, and exploration. We are honored to have you as an integral member of the Amber Waves family. Our gates are always open for your questions and ideas; you are the foundation of support for us.
We’d like to thank you for your belief, guidance, participation and support of Amber Waves. It takes a village and we couldn’t do this without you.
With our deepest gratitude,
Amanda & Katie